What Joy?!?!

Uncertainty and difficulty are everywhere all the time. In this election season, there are more self-proclaimed angry people that are looking for hope and joy. It is very easy for all of us to get caught up in looking for a circumstantial change in hopes that it will bring relief and joy in our lives. If my candidate gets elected, […]

Producing Much Fruit

I am thankful for the gardening advice I have received from YouTube. It has made me look like a better gardener than I actually am. After watching a short video, I set out a few days ago to prune my blueberry plants. I have been reluctant to touch them for a few years out of fear that I would damage […]

Worry Causes Brain Damage!?!?!

“Worry causes brain damage.” Those words struck deep when I heard them as I listened to a teaching from Dr. Caroline Leaf. Dr. Leaf is cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD in Communication Pathology specializing in Neuropsychology. Even more importantly, she loves Jesus and studying the way He created the human body, specifically the mind. Her professional study has shown the […]

“As You Think Within Yourself…”

I really enjoy gardening. I never thought that I would enjoy it as much as I do because as a kid my dad would ask me if I wanted to help him around the yard and I would run the other direction. There are so many Biblical insights that come to me as I am gardening. A very basic principle […]

The Reality of Pain

The Reality of Pain Pain is a reality that we all face in this world. There are many sources and faces to pain. The list is endless: loss of life, circumstances beyond our control, financial hardship, family tensions and hidden sins. Pain is an equal opportunity issue that finds everyone eventually and some of us many times over. I’ve been […]

Walking in the Spirit

There are a number of milestones that we celebrate with our children. We celebrate when they are potty-trained, when they can buckle themselves into their car seats, and especially when they learn how to walk. Walking seems like such an easy idea. It is just simply putting one foot in front of the other and heading a certain direction. Children […]

Knowing God, the Highest Pursuit.

Over the years I have loved seeking to know the God I serve. There is no higher pursuit or study than that of the person of God. Just sharing some thoughts and revelations from my own life on this topic.

In the day and age that we live in it is easy to think even in our Christian walk that “knowing ourselves” is the most central thing to life. However, the bible would state otherwise and the pursuit of “knowing Him” sets all things that are out of joint in our lives back correctly.

Being Heavenly Motivated

Sharing some revelation that I received from the Lord from a message that I recently preached at City Central, Tacoma WA and our need to have a biblical understand of the reality of heaven.  

Welcome to chrishippe.com. A message from Chris.

Welcome to my site. I just wanted to share some of my heart in why I started this site. As a pastor of a local body my heart is continually desiring to be available as a resource to people to love and serve the body of Christ. In this day and age there is a reality that the internet has […]